Moving Rigs is a hefty project, that requires some hefty management - AND THAT'S WHERE WE COME IN!

Energy Management Services caters to the Rig Moving needs of the Oil and Gas Industry with innovative solutions!


Improving the Rig Move Process and Safety Management by Reducing Unplanned Events

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Energy Management Services is a field service management solution for the 

Oil and Gas Industry with primary focus on Safe, Cost Effective Rig Move Mobilization.


EMS supervises pad to pad Rig Relocation Moves. Performs and Coordinates Pre-Rig Move 

meetings to include the entire Rig Move Process and delivers on expectations. If needed; our Coordinators are well versed to assist in the Rig Move Transportation Budget and Confirm MSA's, Contracts and Safety Compliance.  EMS can also prepare logistics Cost Control Sheet and Daily Re-Caps to all necessary personnel (Superintendents, Company Man, Tool Pusher, Truck Pusher etc.) 

EMS #1 Priority is to improve safety and productivity by mitigating operational risks and reducing unplanned events.

With the continued spread of drilling activity across the country appropriate attention is taking place to avoid some of the hidden, but costly mistakes made by most every company in the industry. More technology and more engineering time are now being focused on the drilling rig.

But one area stands out and is in need of continued improvement – Rig Mobilization (Rig-down, Relocation & Rig-up).

This Rig Move Process demands communication and leadership techniques andEMS Rig Data
has proven to absolutely benefit more with EMS Rig Data "SaaS" Technology.
                                                                                        (Software as a Service)

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Quotes to Jobs to Invoices


Our powerful yet flexible system digitizes your entire rig move process to

increase accountability, efficiency and profitability. From quotes, to jobs, to invoices,

EMS streamlines your rig move to deliver more work in less time with fewer headaches.

  • Service Requests
  • Customer Management
  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Quotes and Jobs
  • Asset Management
  • Mobile Access for Field Staff
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting

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Energy Management Services utilizes a full-featured digital field management solution developed to manage every facet of the rig move process; Energy Management Services offers an end-to-end solution reporting operations. Day to Day. On Time. In Full.

EMS includes digital management that tracks the activities of every contractor and what they hauled on the job site during the rig move. Rig Superintendents and Managers receive complete job-site overview each and every day as well a list of all equipment and key personell on the site allowing projected service costs.

Using Smartphone Technology applications, EMS personnel can instantly access and update job assignments with related tasks and required rig parts. Finally, once the job is completed, the EMS Manager can export the entire finished jobs directly to the company representatives who need it most with validated timeline(s) electronically and easily and quickly invoice customers.

For Energy Service organizations looking to increase efficiency EMS is an agile, affordable solution with great ideas and the ability to ensure quality control for rig moves.

EMS is purpose built to drive increased accountability for the rig move process. Our team is ready to help streamline on-site communication, load dispatch and increase worker/contractor productivity. Our efforts accelerate invoicing and improve customer satisfaction.

Energy Management Services offers advanced production surveillance to manage and improve rig move performance throughout the entire life cycle.

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Our application allows us to enter your data quickly, wherever it may be located. It also acts as a single point of analysis for production engineers to collaborate and manage the rig move process from the data reported day-to-day, on time, in full. This reporting often enables early detection and diagnosis of rig move issues or over-the-road problems.

Energy Management Services

Rig Move Valuation

Number of Active Rigs in Field Example: 10
Daily Cost of Ready Stacked/Standby Idle Rigs Example: $25,000.00
Average Days to Drill Well after Spud-In
Number of Wells Per Pad
Current Average Rig Move Time (MOB) - Rig Release Ready Example: 5
Average Days Lost to Poor Rig Move Planning Example: 2
Average Costs Lost to Poor Rig Move Planning
Total Well Cycle Time (Drill Production Time + Rig Move Time)
Projected Saved Days Per Rig Move with EMS Management Example: 2
Annual Wells Drilled Per Rig before EMS Rig Move Coordinators
Annual Number of Rig Moves
Cost Savings Per Year Across Active Rigs
Additional Projected Completed Wells Per Rig Utilizing EMS
Additional Projected Completed Wells Per Year for Total Active Rigs
Estimated ROI for SMART Rig Move Planning using EMS

EMS Rig Move Process


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